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City Administration / Vranje

The City Administration building is designed to focus on various topics, such as representativeness, spatial quality, functionality, flexibility, comfort, and sustainability.

The project is done at the Investor’s request, with the aim of protecting the building from weathering, repairing/reconstructing the roof structure, installing a thermal facade for better energy efficiency of the building. The existing City Administration building consists of two units: the orthogonal part of the building with basement, ground floor, and 3 floors and the part connecting with the Pčinja District building, which houses the main entrance to the building, with basement, ground floor, and 2 floors. Both parts together form one functional unit. The main entrance to the building is on the southeast side. Secondary entrances to the building are located on the east side, and on the northwest side from the yard. The reconstruction was designed in the existing size and volume of the building. The existing function and contents by floors and rooms have been retained in the newly designed condition, with the introduction of a sanitary facility for persons with disabilities.

Having in mind the position of the building located in a very busy part of the city, it is necessary to refine the facade and adapt it to modern architectural design. The dynamic line division of the new facade is made of aluminum composite panels-alubond. The simplicity of the newly designed exterior architecture design fits into the central city zone environment.

INVESTOR: City of Vranje, City Administration
LOCATION: Vranje, Serbia
AREA: 3145 m2
YEAR: 2019

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