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Dental Office D C M / Niš

The project involves the reconstruction of a pre-war family house in Niš, which has now been given a completely new function and visual identity. The function is based on the investor’s request for content and capacities and the restricted existing space capacity. All rooms are designed to accommodate the needs and comply with regulations for buildings of the given purpose.

The entrance reception area is designed as a cafe or relax zone, providing and emphasizing the feeling of openness projected on the front facade in terms of a glass portal (window) that effectively attracts the attention of passers-by. The function specificity is in having apartments for service user accommodation.

The curtain wall is zoned so as to obtain a sufficient natural light needed for practice and allow a view to the outside from the patient’s chair.

The very shape of the building comprises two dominant glass units that “move” in different directions and deconstruct the stereotypical white cube volume with their position.

The goal was to create a building comprising a group of mutually intertwined volumes, not fragmenting the facade by forming classic openings in a minimalist fashion. This was achieved by choosing minimalist materials, dark glass, and dark and white fiber-cement panels.

This gave complementarity to seemingly opposing sides, interconnected and interdependent in the natural world.

INVESTOR: Private person
LOCATION: Niš, Serbia
AREA: 570 m2
YEAR: 2021.

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