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Commercial building Niš Dental

The rapid growth of urban centers continues to encourage architects to create new designs and draw attention to designing mixed-use buildings. The mixed-use building not only sustainably uses resources and precious space but also provides the city’s residents with an integrated business, home, shopping, transport experience, and even green spaces. The concept also allows designers to adjust the building function flexibly as time changes.

One of the examples of a mixed-use building is our commercial building in Niš, having units that can function independently. There is a restaurant with a kitchen and accompanying facilities on the ground floor. From the large restaurant space, you enter a greenery-bordered open garden through folding glass panels. Open panels give a continuous air space, erasing the interior and exterior border. There are also stores on the ground floor, next to the restaurant.

A dental office is on the first floor, with an entrance and vertical passageways separated from the rest of the building. This brings user intimacy and necessary relaxing commercial content in the immediate vicinity.

The building shape is simplistic, rectilinear, with a prominent cube breaking the symmetry with its position. Tones and textures are neutral and natural.

Rock, wood, and greenery, ideally coherent in nature, subtle on the facade.

INVESTOR: City of Niš
LOCATION: Niš, Serbia
AREA: 1500 m2
YEAR: 2021.

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