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Reconstruction of a Family House/Niš

The project’s goal was to reconstruct the existing family house on the outskirts of Niš. It involved transforming a traditional house into a modern architectural expression by introducing new materials. The condition has undergone minor changes in size to achieve the desired shape devised by the architects. The choice of shapes, colors, and materials emphasizes the design’s intention to create modern architecture which will retain most of the existing elements.

The main entrance is positioned on the west side and is elevated above the terrain. The building comprises three floors: the ground floor, first floor, and attic. The ground floor is organized into daily activity rooms: living room, dining room, and kitchen. Bedrooms and a large bathroom are on the upper floors. Although the emphasis was on the exterior, the interior was not disregarded. The interior design is furnished with modern materials, furniture, and lighting.

Removing the existing canopy makes the form more compact and accentuated by a heavy concrete wall as part of the porch, clearly dividing the yard and the building. The essential architectural element is aluminum verticals rhythmically positioned to emphasize the sloping roof planes. The facade symmetry is disturbed by vertical breaks where openings are formed, containing movable elements intended for greenery.

INVESTOR: Private person
AREA: Gross area = 350m2
YEAR: 2020

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