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Swimming Pool in Zaječar

The building is designed in the spirit of modern architecture and is rectangular shape in basic. The main entrance to the building is from the southwest side, from the covered plateau and the access ramp, which is also the connection with the elementary school “Hajduk Veljko”.

From the lobby, there are functionally separate paths of movement of different groups: pupils, staff, athletes, and the audience. The interior is provided for the use of modern, high-quality, and modern materials. The building is designed in accordance with the Regulation which ensures smooth movement and access to persons with special needs. Openings on the facade are of irregular triangular geometric shape.

By using modern materials and technologies in the execution of works, a modern building is provided which will satisfy the project task, all the needs of the users, as well as all requirements of modern architecture.

INVESTOR: City of Zaječar
LOCATION: Zaječar, Serbia
AREA: 3800m²
YEAR: 2018/2019

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