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Sports Hall Beška

In the sports hall design, the key concept was the maximum concentration of activities in one center of mass that would naturally attract a wide range of users. Athletes gather concentrating their energy, talent, and experience in one living center.

The hall design aims to achieve a simple, rational, and clean form. The orthogonal building is placed in the plot center, with a clearly separated access for visitors and users on the south of the plot. In the southern part of the building, there is an entrance hall which, with its transparency, forms a link between the inner and outer natural environment. The sports hall with grandstands is positioned in the north-western part. The grandstands have a capacity of 192 seats and 4 seats for people with disabilities and are built of reinforced concrete. A unique building element is a gallery, which is designed to accommodate the administrative part, fitness center, and running track, which is set so that it exits along the field perimeter in cantilever form.

The ground floor formed as a glass cube creates the illusion of a levitating white mass, at the same time giving the impression of “form in the form”. The accentuated centrally placed staircase dominates the interior with its form and materialization and creates the illusion of the entire building mass resting on it.

INVESTOR: Public Enterprise “Inđija put”, Inđija
LOCATION: Beška, Inđija
YEAR: 2019
AREA: 2500 m2

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