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SPA Hotel / Knjaževac

The location for the construction of the hotel is one of those places we think no longer exists. Urban pressures, the passage of time, and resulting constraints that often transform a particular site from an interesting to a less interesting site have not essentially influenced the concept creation. The complex terrain configuration affected the construction of the irregular form hotel, fitting into the environment and giving the area a little more urbanity.

The hotel is located within the existing “Banjica” complex which contains an Olympic-size outdoor pool with related facilities, a sports field, and a children’s pool. The terrain is leveled in the southeast-northwest direction, so the hotel is functionally and formally designed to make maximum use of the terrain configuration.

The main entrance to the hotel is accessed from the existing internal road, on level 3, entrance to the wellness center and indoor hotel pool is also provided from the complex from level 0, and the official entrance for employees and service entrance/exit of the kitchen are from the internal road leading around the entire complex to level 1. The building consists of six floors, one of which is reserved for the medical block with rehabilitation, swimming pool, and wellness. On the remaining floors, various accommodation units are planned, including apartments with separate living and sleeping areas.

The northeastern facade is a thermal insulation layer ventilated type with wood finishing, while the top floor is finished with alubond.

INVESTOR: Municipality of Knjaževac
LOCATION: Rgošte Spa, Serbia
AREA: 5151.20 m2
YEAR: 2019

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