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ROCK’N’ROLL Museum in Zaječar

The Rock’n’Roll Museum represents a spatial supplement for Zaječar’s Gitarijada, a rock music festival whose tradition spans since 1966. The building of the museum is positioned on the slope between the treetops of the Kraljevica forest.

Functionally, half of the space is intended for presentation, while the rest has an auxiliary purpose as café, restaurant, administration, maintenance, and storage. Interior organization is characterized by open plan areas, high altitudes, and clear geometric lines. On the design plan, the object has a simple correct rectangular form. In that setting, volume composition is happening through the reduction of holes and loaded façade surfaces. Using material, such as glass, concrete, and wooden lining, the object strives to make contact and harmonious relationship with the immediate surroundings. In the close proximity of the museum, the building of a complex of bungalows was envisioned – apartments to accommodate both participants and visitors of the festival.

INVESTOR: City of Zaječar
LOCATION: Zaječar, Serbia
AREA: 1600 m²
YEAR: 2018

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