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Rgošte Spa Wellness and Rehabilitation Center / Knjaževac

The challenge of this project was to transform the nature area into an architectural space by identifying key landscape elements that will emerge through a system of relationships going beyond the visual area of the building and create a modern “zen” space with distinctly soothing properties giving an immediate sense of well-being.

The main entrance to the newly designed building is on the northeast side, from the access ramp. The main pedestrian access to the plot is from the northeast side, from the pedestrian path that passes by the SP Resort Banjica complex. Two units are functionally separated from the entrance hall, rehabilitation rooms on the upper, and wellness rooms on the lower side. Both zones have functional units intended for staff with auxiliary rooms and locker rooms, as well as rooms intended for users. Nearby is a source of subthermal water that can be used for rehabilitation and relaxation.

The goal was an elegant and relatively monochromatic architectural style that fits harmoniously into its surroundings. Rectangular volumes of different spaces are formed to complement the existing natural terrain shapes, superimposing and intersecting to create a multifunctional though minimalist architectural whole. The broken roof forms of both units emphasize the main entrance from one corner, forming the traditional house shape, radiating warmth, while from the other corner they merge into a sloping line, creating the illusion of a homogeneous structure.

INVESTOR: Municipality of Knjaževac
LOCATION: Rgošte Spa/Knjaževac, Serbia
AREA: 714 m2
YEAR: 2019

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