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Public garage – Sinđelić Square / Niš

The public parking space is designed as an open, prefabricated, free-standing two-level building. On the construction plot, on two levels, it is possible to arrange parking for a total of 114 vehicles, 6 of which for people with disabilities. On the first and second level, a total of 51 and 63 parking spaces are planned, respectively. The open parking space construction is based on the fast-park principle, composed of prefabricated and semi-prefabricated elements.

Given the location attractiveness and importance, special attention is paid to the exterior and shape of the building to erect a modern design garage. The simple cubic shape of the building allows shaping primarily through facade materialization. According to the terms of reference, the street-side facades of the building towards Sinđelic Square and partly towards Svetozara Markovića Street (up to the entrance to the building), are finished with alubond panels with a steel substructure. The panels are suitable for outdoor use, and the supporting plates can be hidden behind the finishing.

On the facades oriented towards residential multi-storey buildings, a system fence is planned, which is placed at the floor level and on the ramp. Landscaping is designed around the building perimeter. Facades do not close the building to enable easy and fast space ventilation and the best possible lighting – while maintaining visual transparency.

INVESTOR: City of Niš
LOCATION: Niš, Serbia
AREA: 2067 m2
YEAR: 2019

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