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Princely Serbian Theater “Joakim Vujić” / Kragujevac

This building has a clearly visible connection with the culture and the place as an ambient whole. At the same time, it is an unusual and unique expression that in many ways shows a new and innovative interpretation of tradition.

The terms of reference envisage the reconstruction, adaptation, and extension of the Princely Serbian Theater. On the south side, the building is connected to the music school. The building is accessed from several sides and the main entrance is positioned on the north.

The shape of the facade and the building itself is of simple and clean lines. The building materialization is made of highly reflective fiber-cement panels, curtain wall,s and facade brick. The combination of these three materials achieves a harmonious relationship of light and shadow, emphasizing the contrast of textures. Facade bricks are mostly in monk bond with closed surfaces, while in spaces requiring light penetration, this is achieved by decorative bricklaying – Brazilian bond.

Changes in function and new content are planned for better utilization of space and greater comfort provided to both visitors and employees.

INVESTOR: Kragujevac City Administration
LOCATION: Kragujevac, Serbia
YEAR: 2020
AREA: 3824 m2

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