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Outpatient clinic / Zaječar

The subject of the design was the reconstruction and extension of the existing outpatient clinic in a remote and seemingly unsightly area of the city of Zaječar. The goal was to functionally and visually improve the existing building and thus positively influence the area’s ambiance and reputation.

The existing capacities have been increased, and the clinic is furnished with modern equipment. In addition, a modern approach to design has been applied to improve accessibility and overall comfort for users and staff.

Angular building position has always been a real challenge for architects, viewing buildings as benchmarks in a given environment. The building is conceived as one coherent white mass with a dominant angle cut by a distorted plane, giving a fragmented triangular shape and thus emphasizing the main entrance. Its membrane may seem to cover up all the changes happening inside as if it strives to confirm its independence from the environment; however, its design details and direction significantly allow for the external factors. It also boasts an elegant color rendering with groove lights.

INVESTOR: City of Zaječar
LOCATION: Zaječar, Serbia
AREA: Gross area = 600 m2
YEAR: 2021

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