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Institute for Education of Children and Youth Voždovac / Belgrade

Architecturally, buildings for children and youth education are buildings designed to provide a safe and supervised environment for young people, to adapt social interaction between different age groups, and to provide space for different types of activities.

Based on the investor’s request, the reconstruction, adaptation, and extension of the building of the Institute for the Education of Children and Youth was designed. The existing building has a basement, ground floor, and first floor; the newly designed solution envisages a vertical extension (converting part of the attic into a larger usable space), so the floors of the newly designed condition would include a basement, ground floor, first floor, and attic.

The building is free-standing, Г-shaped. In the attic, the existing condition includes workshops, offices, and pantries, while the newly designed solution envisages educational space for work in multi-themed workshops, pantries, and offices with associated sanitary facilities.

In addition to the mentioned attic extension, the building is expanded with a newly designed annex at the ground floor level. The annex is planned to enable access for persons with disabilities, to resolve the delivery routes to the kitchen block, and ultimately improve the function of the entire Institute space. Accommodation capacity with all necessary facilities was rationally used. Accommodation units for several educational groups are planned on the first floor. The educational areas are divided by levels and the male and female blocks by vertical.

A better functional solution has increased the number of users, and the attic extension has improved the quality of work with users.

INVESTOR: Institute for Education of Children and Youth Belgrade
LOCATION: Voždovac, Belgrade, Serbia
AREA: 3840m²
YEAR: 2019

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