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Hotel Suvo Rudište / Kopaonik

While architecturally designing hotel, the designer took into account the morphology of the terrain and the conceptual humane approach for all the users. The shape of the object is the Cyrillic letter P, i.e. the building was projected on the west, north, northeast, and east side of the plot so that the south side remained unbuilt. This way the central square is made with access from the south side. With this formation of the square-piazza in the central part of the plot, the designer wants to enrich not only the micro but also the macro location. The entire ground floor of the building is planned for commercial space, which gravitates towards the square. The architectural processing of the facade is a combination of natural materials wood and stone, which completely fits into the environment in which it is located.

INVESTOR: Alba LLC Niš, Prisma trade LLC Niš
LOCATION: Kopaonik, Serbia
AREA: 20460m²
YEAR: 2015.

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