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Gerontology Center Building Kragujevac

The architectural design of this type of building is based on the idea of offering our seniors a pleasant environment that promotes contact with nature, the sun, and the idea of developing close relationships among the building residents. Being more than a residence, the project aims to provide an actual home, so psychological factors must be at the heart of the project approach.

The newly designed Gerontology Center building of (GF + 3) is designed following the rules that ensure unimpeded movement and access for persons with disabilities. The main access to the building is south positioned. The ground floor is intended for users – a multipurpose space with an information desk for joint activities, occupational therapy, as well as 5 double bed accommodation units – shelter. On the other floors, 16 double bed accommodation units and one single bed, a multipurpose space for joint activities, a dining room, a distribution kitchen, and a technical block with auxiliary rooms and a hygiene room have been designed. The last two floors also have a bathroom for dependent users, a medical block with an infirmary, an isolation room for the sick and deceased.

The facades of the Gerontology Center building are designed as contact facades with a facade brick textured final cladding with large glazed surfaces that enable adequate lighting and ventilation.

INVESTOR: City of Kragujevac
LOCATION: Kragujevac, Serbia
AREA: 6397 m2
YEAR: 2018

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