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European Kindergarten / Bor

This architectural design creates a place that provides the best possible environment for our children growing up and promotes children’s learning and creativity.

Two functional units are distinguished in the newly designed building. The first functional unit is designed as a combined children’s institution, i.e. a modular set composed of 14 educational groups (six for the nursery age and eight for older groups of 3-5 years). The second functional unit is designed as a central production kitchen, in which meals will be prepared for all kindergartens in the city.

In the direction between the main entrance to the building and the access from the yard, there is a central hall with a staircase, which can serve as a playroom. To the left and right of the central hall are two atriums – outdoor playrooms.

The regular triangular shape, as the concept beginning, is meaningfully disturbed by rounded corners, following the idea of a corner-free space adapted to children, encouraging a more comfortable environment and facade dynamics. The goal was to understand the area characteristics, then strengthen it, but at the same time create something new and contrasting. Apart from being the building envelope, the facade also acts as a playground fence, as protection on the roofs, and a solar screen in front of the window. The facade gives a uniform expression and at the same time creates a modern interpretation of and coherence with space. Creating a building that not only understands and shows care for the environment but also contributes to something new and different, is a great challenge.

INVESTOR: City of Bor
YEAR: 2020
AREA: 3440 m2

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