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Department of Gerontology – Health Center Zaječar

The building of the Department of Gerontology, which is designed in the spirit of modern architecture, is part of the Health Center Zaječar.

The architectural concept is based on connecting the outer and inner space. The building is designed as a monolithic ring levitating above the ground floor. The interior space is clean, flexible, with a minimum number of constraining elements. The building is designed according to the Regulation which ensures smooth movement and access to persons with disabilities.

The new project of the building of the Department of Gerontology is designed with covered space (covered plateau) as well as open spaces (atrium and inner courtyard), space for joint activities, dining room, distribution kitchen, administrative offices, medical facilities, and accommodation units on the ground floor, storage for medical supplies and materials, a substation of the central heating installation, storage of inventory, kitchen utensils in the basement, double room accommodation units for users, physical therapy, work therapy, ambulance, wardrobe and lavatory for staff on the first and second floor.

INVESTOR: City of Zaječar
LOCATION: Zaječar, Serbia
AREA: 8900m²
YEAR: 2018/2019

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