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Department for Children Care – Health Center Zaječar

Based on the request of the Client, the upgrade and reconstruction of the building of Children’s Department ZC Zaječar are planned.

The newly designed solution envisages a horizontal extension of the annex, on the ground floor, as well as a vertical extension (converting the attic into a larger useful space). The newly-designed Annex of the building, which is a ground floor, should be extended from the east side of the existing building. The purpose of the Annex is the Children’s Dispensary and consists of four parts with separate entrances: part for children of school age, part for children of pre-school age, a counseling center for children of school age, a counseling center for children of pre-school age. These four units have a common place for employees, while users (patients) are completely separated. The attic of the existing building of the children’s department is expanded horizontally, ie. the surface of the subject floor is enlarged in the lower part of the floor. With the newly designed solution, besides the new offices, there is also a Congress Hall, with a lavatory and a kitchen, as well as a terrace. In addition to the above construction, a complete reconstruction of the existing building is envisaged, in order to fulfill all requirements and standards of modern architecture, as well as all the standards and requirements for the exploitation of a health facility for children.

By using modern materials and technologies in the execution of works on the reconstruction and upgrading of the building of the Children’s Department, a modern building was created that meets all the requirements of modern architecture.

INVESTOR: City of Zaječar
LOCATION: Zaječar, Serbia
AREA: 2800m²
YEAR: 2018/2019

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