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Annex of Children’s Hospital Within Clinical Center in Niš

The architecture of the object is characterized by a simple and adjusted form in the spirit of modern architecture. The newly designed annex of the building represents an object of a new physical structure in interpolation with existing facilities. The basic principle of interpolation was not unconditional integration into the existing environment, but on the contrary – the contrast, so this object represents refreshment and revival of the existing environment. Given that this is an institution intended for children, it strived towards dosed casualness in the external perception of the object. Since the annex is of relatively regular orthogonal form, this is accomplished with playful positioning of windows on the facade and decorative elements on the ground level, as well as moderate use of the entire spectrum of colors.

INVESTOR: Clinical Center Niš – donation of Nurdor
AREA: 750m²
YEAR: 2016-2018.

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