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Royal Lady Beauty Salon / Niš

A beauty salon is a place that opens an unknown door towards meeting a new self. Royal Lady beauty salon provides ladies with cosmetic and hygienic services, which should be emphasized when designing the space.

The two-floor space with a functional solution meets various spatial needs, from open to more intimate-closed areas. On the main entrance floor, there are open units formed by different treatments, while the second floor is made up of several rooms to meet the needs of treatments such as massage, hygienic treatments, etc. When arranging the space for this purpose, it was necessary to create a flexible environment with a feminine temperament, thus improving the identity and comfort of the beauty salon. The elegant atmosphere is achieved by the unusual design of the walls adorned with decorative molding frames, which makes this space unique.

INVESTOR: Private person
LOCATION: Niš, Serbia
AREA: 120m2
YEAR: 2019

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