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Organic Cafe&Market / JBR Dubai

The design of an organic, vegan cafe & market must be guided by an ecological look and a sense of sustainable sophisticated design. When creating the interior, the design had to be natural and consistently harmonized with the brand image by adding fresh plants, green surfaces, wood, stone, and earth colors, thus promoting the rational use of natural resources and a healthy lifestyle.

One of our tasks was zoning the space into functional units and process flows, which follows open and simple space principles. The different purposes of the zones within the space have dictated the combination of the basic selected design elements. The basic division into a cafe and a market is reflected in the treatment of basic furniture forms: the cafe is with rounded surfaces, while the market is decorated with precise and elegant pieces. The industrial accents of the interior harmonize with the environment and the urban landscape in general.

The cafe & market has a friendly atmosphere and offers a wide selection of organic meals, aiming to develop and improve the awareness of consuming organic food and its quantity.

INVESTOR: Private person
LOCATION: JBR Dubai, United Arab Emirates
AREA: 340m2
YEAR: 2020

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