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IQOS Zone Within Philip Morris Company / Niš

The adaptation aims to change the space appearance by changing the function from the smoking area to the IQOS zone, in order to form a pleasant and modern space. The interior is designed to aesthetically shape the space in a modern way, to subject it to the required function, and to fit it to the Philip Morris operations AD visual identity. This includes the choice of materials, surface treatment, design of interior elements, walls and ceilings, the interrelationship of all elements while achieving harmony by applying IQOS equipment.

The architectural design of the interior, as well as the adequate lighting design and selection of lamps, achieved the desired modern visual effect. The main element of the interior is the central counter, visually emphasized by the materialization transition from the floor to the counter itself. Other interior elements are designed in a modern minimalist style. It is dominated by a simple, elegant design with typical IQOS elements and equipment, enriched with natural greenery.

INVESTOR: Philip Morris Serbia
LOCATION: Niš, Serbia
AREA: 42m2
YEAR: 2019

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