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Family House Interior Design / Niš

Designing the interior of a family house needs to be approached in a way that to comfort and warmth brought out by all-natural materials. The design relies on a careful selection of materials, in all respects according to the investor’s preferences and requirements. Therefore, the space is absolutely dominated by wood, leather, and stone. The wall opposite the entrance to the living room is in focus, entirely lined with wood textured MDF boards. It is divided by aluminum strips that give a subtle reflection of light. The role of strips in space is vital as their vertical positioning visually makes the room taller and gives a height and length balance. The investor’s mandatory living room element was a fireplace. The fireplace is dark marble-lined and has a glass partition contrasting with stone austerity. Widened openings and large portals made the space brighter. When opened, they erase the border between indoor and outdoor space, which is ideal for the warm summer months.

The kitchen is quite simplistic in style, with dominating dark blue. Wooden elements are also used to create harmony with the living and dining room interior designs. The central island is an indispensable part of this minimalist kitchen.

The dark blue color was also chosen for master bedroom furnishing. Engrossing geometric shapes at the headboard break space monotony, and concealed lighting gives the space a touch of mystery.

The idea for children’s rooms furnishing was to create a playful and imaginative environment to be enjoyed by the youngest family members. This effect is achieved with colorful wallpaper and playful and vivid furniture colors.

INVESTOR: Private person
LOCATION: Niš, Serbia
AREA: 350 m²
YEAR: 2020.