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Dental Office Interior / Niš

The interior is designed to shape the space in an aesthetically modern way, subordinate it to serve the required function, and match the visual identity of “Dental Clinic Milošević.” This implies choosing the suitable materials, finishing, interior elements, walls and ceilings design, ensuring the interdependence of all these elements, and achieving harmony with dental equipment.

The interior architectural solution, adequate lighting design, and lamp selection achieved the desired modern visual effect. The dominating interior elements are the intertwining dark and light elements on the walls, ceilings, and floor, creating a specific fragmented space form. Solid, sharp corners and fragmented black mass are in the spotlight. This principle is most noticeable in public content spaces accessible to all users, where volume and open design allow for such a more extreme treatment. More intimate spaces and apartments have a more minimalist form, due to their size and purpose, at the same time ensuring the warmth that would give users a comforting sense of calm after the intervention.

As with the exterior, the goal in the interior was to create dominant masses in the space, without emphasizing individual elements, so that all furniture and equipment blend in with the “background.” All elements in space are minimalist, following the “line” formed by these opposing volumes (light and darkness) with their color and shape.

This achieved a bond between the well-accorded exterior and interior guided by the same philosophy of creation.

INVESTOR: Private person
LOCATION: Niš, Serbia
AREA: 570 m²
YEAR: 2021.

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