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Business premises within Philip Morris / Skopje

In the initial project phase, a research-based adaptation and design method were introduced with a multitude of case studies and preliminary analyzes, which contributed to designing a flexible space-sharing model solution.

The concept envisions a mix of open and structured workplaces, lounge areas, independent office space, and meeting rooms. The main project focus is on redesigning the central zone and some offices on the building perimeter. The center of the floor, which includes the business premises, becomes a place like an urban city miniature in the newly designed solution, where various activities take place at the same time. The existing interior design is outdated, which created the need for remodeling according to modern standards with the use of modern materials and IQOS thematic elements.

The simple pastel design and abundance of greenery create a warm and open atmosphere, which meets the needs of a community of users of different generations.

INVESTOR: Philip Morris Skopje
LOCATION: Skopje, Macedonia
AREA: 400m2
YEAR: 2019

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