Public facilities

Stadium "Čair" Niš


The Project includes the reconstruction of the existing part of the Stadium "Čair" (East, North and South) and the construction of a new Western stands, as well as coverage of all stands. The project is for the IV, the highest category of UEFA regulations relating to stadium infrastructure.
The capability of the new Stadium Project is 22 200 visitors, as well as special sectors for VIP, press , media, people with special needs and other special groups of users. In addition to content related to sports, the commercial sector is also designed, which is not related to sports events, and is available to citizens and visitors. All regulations and standards of security, monitoring, ticketing, access control, etc. have been met, bringing the user's safety to the highest level. In architectural terms, techno design has been applied, which is characteristic of modern stadiums worldwild.
Modern materials have been used: inox networks, pergolas, perforated sheets ..., unite all segments of the stadium (existing and newly constructed) and create a completely new and recognizable appearance, not only the Stadium but also the particular part of the city.


Investor: Grad Niš
Location: Niš, Srbija
Area: Pbruto=25000m²
Year: 2018/2019