Gravity Code interior


Suburban house, once used for living, served as a new workspace for Gravity Code, a new software development company. On the surface of 240 m2 and on three floors there are facilities for the work of a collective of 25 people.
The ground floor represents the entrance and public - relaxation zone, with a wardrobe for the staff of the collective and a living room - a café, a space conceived as a recreation zone.
On the first floor there is a director’s office and marketing department. The director’s office functions as a classical office with 3 workplaces, while the marketing office is somewhat more spacious and contains, in addition to the workplaces distributed along the walls, the sitting area, as well as the archival cabinets. The attic is located in the IT sector - programming and graphic design. The workplaces are distributed along the walls, and the free space in the middle extends longitudinally, from one side to the other side of the building. By adapting this space, Gravity Code gets its work space for a new business start.


Location: Niš, Serbia
Type: office / comercial
Investor: private
Status: ongoing
Year: 2018
Area: 240 m²