Industrial business

“EURODEAL” business-trade building


The new business-trade facility of the company "EURODEAL", specialized in the field of metal processing, meets both the function and the design of all the needs of the company itself. There are spaces for storing material, workshop for production and metalworkig, department for sale and offices for staff. Outer skin of the building speaks the best for company’s workfield - longer sides were coated wih dark gray corrugated steel sheets, while the frontal facade was covered with corten steel plates. On the deeper level, it was clearly very honest aproach - the new building represents investor’s own way in shap¬ing it’s company - this time, with the matherial present and crucial in company’s everyday workprocess.


Investor: EURODEAL
Location: Niš, Serbia
Area: P=2514,53m²
Year: 2017