• 13.06.2019.
    Construction of heliport as a part of the Clinical Center in Nis

    Having completed the Project, company Kapaproject successfully completed the construction of heliports for the needs of the Clinical Center Nis. Heliport is certified and designed according to European and world standards. It is built near the building of the new Clinical Center, behind Ambulance. The Clinical Center in Nis is the second healthcare institution in Serbia provided with a heliport. This allowes emergency patients can be registred and transported from the KC building at any time, for the needs of saving people's lives.

  • 26.10.2018.
    Development of a helipad construction project in Nis

    Continuation of successful cooperation with the Clinical Center Nis. A contract was signed for the project and the construction of helipads, which will be used for medical purposes within the complex of the Clinical Center Nis.

  • 11.10.2018.
    LIDL: Opening of the chain and building new objects

    We are proud of the cooperation and the trust shown on the design of projects for several facilities in Serbia.
    Many have been completed and started to work, and our cooperation with LIDL continues on new projects in Zajecar and Paracin facilities.

  • 05.10.2018.
    Two awards at the Triennial 2018 in Nis

    "Triennials of Architecture Nis 2018" is a cross-section of the architectural creation of southeastern Serbia in the period from 2015 to 2018. The organizers are the Association of Architects of Nis, together with the Serbian Chamber of Engineers.
    For "Triennial" 84 works were selected in five categories.
    Kapaprojekt Company is proud of the awards received in two categories: architectural projects (for the project of a business building in Nis) and architectural realizations (for the annex of the Children's Internal Clinic and Surgery in Nis).

  • 02.07.2018.
    ROCK'N'ROLL Museum in Zajecar

    On the occasion of the 52nd Zajecar’s Gitarijada, on June 30th, the foundation stone for the Rock'n'roll Museum was laid, for which the project was operated by Kapaprojekt.
    The museum will be located within the Memorial Park Suma Kraljevica, on a mild elevation in relation to the area of the Gitarijada, the planned floors P + 1 will be planned and will extend to about 1,100m².
    In addition to the museum, the project includes bungalows for the accommodation of festival participants.
    Newly designed objects, with their theme and architectural design, will represent a dominant and recognizable point of the entire complex.

  • 15.06.2018.
    Construction of a school in Doljevac started

    The construction of a school complex in Doljevac, covering 2,600 m², began. The complex consists of two parts: pre-school and high school. Part of the high school is characterized by the modern concept of arranging a complete school space with specialized classrooms for computer science.

  • 16.05.2018.
    Children's Chemotherapy Center opened in Nis

    The Department of Hematology and medical Oncology of the Children's Internal Clinic was officially opened in Nis. This is the most modern hospital facility of this type in Serbia, made according to European standards and for the children, their parents and hospital staff.
    The newly built Department of Hematology and medical Oncology is 750m², spreads on two floors and has 15 hospital beds.
    The architecture of the building is characterized by a simple and customized form. The object represents a refreshment and revival of the existing environment.

  • 24.04.2018.
    Cooperation with the City Housing Agency continued

    After successfully completed residential complex, 18 000m² in Majakovska Street, we are continuing the cooperation with the City Housing Agency on new projects.
    The design and technical documentation for the construction of new 8 000 m² of living space is being prepared.

  • 23.03.2018.
    Reconstruction of the Health Center in Zajecar

    At the beginning of 2018, a contract was signed regarding the complete reconstruction of the Medical Center Zajecar.
    The project task involves the development of project-technical documentation for the projects of legalization, reconstruction and extension of facilities of the Health Center. The surface area is about 30,000 m².

  • 17.11.2017.
    Regional Center for Emergency Situations in Vranje

    Company Kapaprojekt successfully completed the project design for the needs of the Regional Center for Emergency Situations in Vranje.
    The planned Regional Emergency Center will have an area of over 5,000 m². It will present a unique institutional, infrastructural, technical, technological and security solution not only for prevention, but also for effective response of various rescue teams in emergency situations on the territory of Vranje, Pcinja region and wider.
    The beginning of project realization is expected in 2018.

  • 23.10.2017.
    The Second Phase of construction of Children’s HO Department in Nis

    Kapaprojekt Company continued the cooperation with Nurdor Association (The National Association of Parents of Children with Cancer) on doing the second phase of building annex of children’s department of hematology and medical oncology.
    The new department, with total surface area of 750 m², spreads on two levels. This object is functionally connected to the already existing building of Children’s Clinic. The object was built based on the needs of the children and their recovery, with care to the highest standards. Final interior works as well as the interior furnishing itself were anticipated in the second phase of the project. Resources for the building construction were collected through Nurdor stock. Project donor and work supervisor was Kapaprojekt Company.

  • 21.09.2017.
    Continued cooperation with LIDL

    In 2017, a very successful cooperation was continued with a big trading chain – LIDL.
    For the needs of LIDL, as part of the construction of their new retail stores in Jagodina, Krusevac and Kragujevac, Kapaprojekt Company has built project-technical documentation for subject buildings.

  • 22.07.2016.
    Rehabilitation of the factory Tigar Tyres - Michelin

    Structural repair of mixing plant facility in the factory Tigar Tyres-Michelin in Pirot is finalized. The company Kapaprojekt was engaged in this project and was responsible for the 24 hours of rehabilitation supervision of 4,500 m² factory space.

  • 18.05.2016.
    Construction of the children's HO department has began

    The first stage of the annex construction of children’s hematologic oncology department began in cooperation with Nurdor associations (National Association of Parents of Children with Cancer) and Kapaprojekt company.
    The new department, the total area of 750 m², will occupy two levels of the building of Children Clinic in Nis and will be built in accordance with the needs of children and their recovery, with the highest standards of care. The first phase of the project envisages the construction of a new roof. Funds for the construction of the clinic was collected through a campaign Nurdor, the donor of the project and supervisor of works is the company Kapaprojekt.

  • 09.05.2016.
    Cooperation with Lidl

    Kapaprojekt started cooperation with large retail chain Lidl.
    For Lidl, as part of the construction of their new store in Leskovac, the company Kapaprojekt has done the design and technical documentation for the building of 2500 m².

  • 04.04.2016.
    Landslide sanation

    Mudslide that disrupted the lives of residents in the village Gabrovac, near Nis, was successfully repaired.
    Rehabilitation of landslide, surface 2756 m². In addition, the landslides in streets "Partizanskih kurira" and "Vase Smajevića" have been rehabilitated, 1040m². The company Kapaprojekt has developed a complete project and technical documentation.