• 22.07.2016.
    Rehabilitation of the factory Tigar Tyres - Michelin

    Structural repair of mixing plant facility in the factory Tigar Tyres-Michelin in Pirot is finalized. The company Kapaprojekt was engaged in this project and was responsible for the 24 hours of rehabilitation supervision of 4,500 m² factory space.

  • 18.05.2016.
    Construction of the children's HO department has began

    The first stage of the annex construction of children’s hematologic oncology department began in cooperation with Nurdor associations (National Association of Parents of Children with Cancer) and Kapaprojekt company.
    The new department, the total area of 750 m², will occupy two levels of the building of Children Clinic in Nis and will be built in accordance with the needs of children and their recovery, with the highest standards of care. The first phase of the project envisages the construction of a new roof. Funds for the construction of the clinic was collected through a campaign Nurdor, the donor of the project and supervisor of works is the company Kapaprojekt.

  • 09.05.2016.
    Cooperation with Lidl

    Kapaprojekt started cooperation with large retail chain Lidl.
    For Lidl, as part of the construction of their new store in Leskovac, the company Kapaprojekt has done the design and technical documentation for the building of 2500 m².

  • 04.04.2016.
    Landslide sanation

    Mudslide that disrupted the lives of residents in the village Gabrovac, near Nis, was successfully repaired.
    Rehabilitation of landslide, surface 2756 m². In addition, the landslides in streets "Partizanskih kurira" and "Vase Smajevića" have been rehabilitated, 1040m². The company Kapaprojekt has developed a complete project and technical documentation.